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Recreational Gymnastics

(Ages 6 & Up)

Our recreational gymnastics program is designed for children aged 6 years and older.  We focus on teaching the fundementals of gymnastics including balance, strength, conditioning, and coordination. The classes range by level from 1 hour to 1.5 hours per week. Our recreational gymnasts are split by by gender and then into levels depending on their mastery of skills on each of the events.  All gymnasts will work on 6 different events and their progress will be tracked by their coach through our star chart system.  The may move up to the next level once they complete all of the necessary skills in their level.

  • Girls Level 1
  • Girls Level 2
60 minute classes (9 to 1 ratio)


$65 per month


  • Level 3/4
90 minute classes (9 to 1 ratio)


$80 per month


Annual Registration

  • A registration fee of $30.00 (1st child) and $25.00 for each additional child is due at time of registration.
  • Make-ups may be scheduled when space is available but may not be carried over to next summer/school year session.
  • No refunds of tuition for missed classes.
  • 30 day cancellation policy.